of persecuted christians in Russia and CIS

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In the morning of Saturday, 23.06.2012 pensioners Timofey Aparshev, Nadezhda Ryzhkova and Stepanida Sheludyakova, members of our church in Sumgait, Republic of Azerbaijan, arrived in the town of Hachmaz to visit their coreligionists. On their way to the house where their friends lived they were giving out the copies...
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Dear Brothers and Sisters, On 17 May Ilgar Mamedov, Akif Babayev and Telman Yarmetov, members of the church in the town of Kusary, Republic of Azerbaijan, were talking about Jesus Christ and the love of God with the residents of the nearby village of Mudjuk. New Testament and other Christian books were given free of charge to everyone...
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