of persecuted christians in Russia and CIS


For foundraising causes and correspondence — Foundation for the support of persecuted in Russia and CIS — tel.: +7 (985) 226 3731 E-mail:


Foundation for the Support of Persecuted Christians in Russia and CIS has been established by a group of Christian leaders administering in Russia and CIS countries. It renders informational, financial, devotional and other support available to every Christian.

In spite of the apparent well-being of Christians in Russia and some other former Soviet republics, mass media abound with news of various forms of persecution and penal action against members of Christian confessions.

We hope for assistance in the dissemination of data and other forms of support for Christian leaders and each Christian among the Russian-speaking population of the former Soviet Union. We welcome every desire to cooperate with our Foundation expressed by any of our adherents living anywhere in the world.

Funds received by our Foundation will be channeled exclusively to the support of the Christians who are in need or who are being persecuted. Reports on the receipts and expenditures will be published on monthly basis.

Abstract from the Charter of the Foundation


from the Articles of Association of FOUNDATION FOR THE SUPPORT OF PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS IN RUSSIA AND CIS Non-Profit Charitable Organization


The Foundation has been established for the purposes of generation of assets and funds based on voluntary donations in the form of material and financial contributions, as well as other legitimate receipts, as well as for the purpose of using these assets and funds in the charitable activities aimed at:

  • - financial support of persecuted Christians, organizations headed by them and their relatives;
  • - financial and other support to children deprived of parental care, as well as to pensioners, refugees, forcibly displaced person and other disadvantaged groups, regardless of their ethnicity, citizenship or confession;
  • - solving of social, cultural, educational, scientific and management problems with a view to:  provide for the intellectual development of individuals and the development of science, culture, arts, education, enlightenment; ensure the protection of rights and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities; facilitate the settlement of disputes and conflicts; contribute to the strengthening of concord and mutual understanding between nations and to the prevention of social, national and religious conflicts;
  • - material and financial support to Christian associations and organizations;
  • - implementation of social protection measures and assistance in the obtaining of benefits and other forms of aid by children and members of socially disadvantaged groups;
  • - assistance to organizations and institutions engaged in preventive medicine and healthcare, as well as in healthy lifestyle promotion and enhancement of the moral and psychological condition of the population;
  • - assistance in the protection of motherhood, fatherhood and childhood;
  • - control over the proper use of financial resources, including budget funds allocated by enterprises with assistance from / direct participation of the Foundation, as well as extra-budgetary funds from investors attracted under the guarantees given by the Foundation.


4.1. Individuals and legal entities may take part in the activities of the Foundation by way of making voluntary donations, provision of assets for uncompensated use and rendering organizational or other assistance to the Foundation in the course of its activities carried out under its Articles of Association.

4.2. Individuals and legal entities who render assistance to the Foundation (including the founders of the Foundation) shall:

  • - take part in all its activities;
  • - enjoy support, protection and assistance on the part of the -Foundation, obtain consultancy, expert, intermediary and financial aid in line with the goals and objectives of the Foundation and on the basis of its Articles of Association and the relevant contracts;
  • - establish and develop bilateral and multilateral relations via the Foundation;
  • - have the right to discontinue their participation in the activities of the Foundation at any time;
  • - strictly comply with the Articles of Association in the implementation of the Foundation’s programs and;
  • - refrain from disclosing the confidential information concerning the activities of the Foundation;
  • - refrain from taking any actions that may cause material or moral damage to the Foundation.
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