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Let us support Tokhar Khaydarov who is now in jail

Let us support Tokhar Khaydarov who is now in jail

On 24 October he will turn thirty. In March 2010 he was detained for dealing in drugs. Tokhar Khaydarov fully denies this accusation and suspects that the police had orchestrated a falsification of evidence. Members of his church are confident of his innocence in law and stand for his release from jail.

On 18 January 2010, shortly before arrest, some individuals exerted pressure on Tokhar, a former Muslim, arrogantly insisting that he reverts back to Islam and asked the local police for assistance. In spite of being tortured, Tokhar refused to repudiate Jesus Christ.

During a search of Tokhar’s house conducted in his absence the police “found” a bag with marijuana. Three days later the 27-year old Christian appeared before a tribunal. Members of the congregation who were present at the trial stated the he had been severely beaten up. He could hardly walk and his face was swollen. Tokhar Khaydarov was sentenced to 10-year imprisonment.

Please pray for the release of Tokhar from jail, so that Jesus fortifies his spirit and keeps him safe among other convicts and so that God touches the hearts of those who are around Tokhar now.

Please pray for all Christian churches of Uzbekistan and for the proclamation of the Gospel among many Uzbeks.

The case of Tokhar Khaydarov is widely reported by numerous information sources, such as Open Doors, Voice of Martyrs, Prisoners Alert, Russian Ministries, Barnaba’s Fund, US Department of State.

You may make a donation in support of Tokhar Khaydarov and his family via our Foundation here.

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